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Slate Quarry p web.png
Slate quarry near Slatington, seen looking west, showing workmen engaged in clearing a "ribboned" slate from the surface of thick workable bed.

Eureka Slate Quarry p web.png
Eureka slate quarry near Slatington, north part seen looking east, showing an eroded northward-inclined close syncline crossed by cleavage and curved joints, and overlain by glacial deposits.

Blue Mountain Slate Quarry web.jpg
Blue Mountain slate quarry near Slatington, seen looking east, showing the character of the syncline and the bending over southward of the cleavage at the surface, probably due to the friction and weight of the glacier

Penn Lynn Acme 1 web.jpg
Quarry has been filled in and is now the site of the borough's municipal building. Acme supermarket building was to the left on top of the quarry refuse pile.

Emerald 1 web.jpg
This quarry site, located across Trout Creek from Emerald, is not completely filled in. I belive that this was called the Williams quarry.

371 Suicide webp.png
Has always been known as the suicide, but I am not sure why. Located north of Welshtown Road, east of Skeet Club Road
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