John William Burke (1888-1918)

Grave of John William Burke

John William Burke grave, St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Slatington, Pennsylvania; image credit - Richard Musselman

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John William Burke (2 February 1888 - 17 October 1918) died of pneumonia (Spanish flu) at Fort McHenry, Maryland, while serving with the 308th Guard and Fire Duty Corps. He was thirty years old.

We have very few details of his military service.
After failing to be accepted when originally drafted in July and then August 1917, he was called again in February 1918. He was sent to Syracuse, New York, for military police training.

Private Baer was buried in St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Slatington, Pennsylvania.

Prewar listed occupation: slater

Draft registration listed home address: 132 Hill St. Slatington, Pennsylvania

father William E. Burke, 1862-1929
mother Mary E. Early, 1863-1941
sister Agnes B. Burke, 1894-1950 (Deiley)
sister Lillian A. Burke, 1903-1988
brother James H. Burke, 1898-1955
brother Emmett W. Burke, 1896-1975
brother Frances E Burke, 1894-1948
sister Catherine A. Burke, 1902-1991 (O’Keefe)
brother Christopher V. Burke, 1899-1915