Francis Henry Handwerk (1895-1918)

Grave of Francis Henry Handwerk

Francis Henry Handwerk grave, Union Cemetery, Slatington, Pennsylvania; image credit

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Francis Henry Handwerk (1 April 1895 - 4 November 1918) was killed in action while serving with Company I, 145th infantry regiment, 37th infantry division, near Eyne, Belgium. He was twenty-three years old.

We know very little about his army service.
Handwerk was born and grew up in Slatington.
26 April 1918, married Daisy Metzger from Emerald, Pennsylvania
27 April 1918, inducted into service in Allentown, Pennsylvania
15 June 1918, departed Hoboken, New Jersey with the 145th infantry regiment for France
A letter dated 2 January 1919 from Lt. Stephen Beard to Handwerk's wife explained that Handwerk and four others had been killed by the explosion from a large artillery shell near Eyne, Belgium, "along the Ghent Road about half way between Eyne and Hewine."

Private Handwerk was originally buried in an isolated grave near Eyne, Belgium, before being moved to the Flanders Field American Cemetery. Later, he was re-interred in the Union Cemetery, Slatington, Pennsylvania.

Prewar listed occupation: carpenter

Draft registration listed home address: 23 Fourth Street, Slatington, Pennsylvania

wife Daisy A. Metzger, 1900-1993 (Bachman, Bogert)
father Peter A. Handwerk, 1874-1939
mother Annie J. Deibert, 1877-1949
brother Russel E. Handwerk, 1897-1971
brother Ernest A. Handwerk, 1920-2008
sister Violet M Handwerk, 1901-1902