Mervin Allen Wanamaker (1896-1919)

Grave of Mervin Allen Wanamaker

Mervin Allen Wanamaker grave, Slatedale Cemetery, Slatedale, Pennsylvania; image credit

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Mervin Allen Wanamaker (7 May 1896 - 3 February 1919) died of pneumonia ("Spanish Flu") while serving with the Supply Company, 7th Field Artillery, 1st Infantry Division in Germany. He was twenty-two years old.

We do not have many details of his army service.
August 1917, drafted
19 September 1917, departed Allentown with the first draft of men from Lehigh County for Camp Meade, Maryland
December 1917, to Camp Merritt, New Jersey
11 January 1918, sailed to France

Private Wanamaker was originally buried in Coblentz, Germany, before being re-interred in the Slatedale Cemetery, Slatedale, Pennsylvania.

Draft registration listed occupation: slater

Draft registration listed home address: Emerald, Pennsylvania

father John A. Wanamaker, 1861-1936
mother Clara A. Neff, 1864-1921
brother John D. Wanamaker, 1880-1964
brother Frank A. Wanamaker, 1884-1960
sister Mary A. Wanamaker, 1887-1953 (Jones)
brother Aaron A. Wanamaker, 1888-1942
sister Stella M. Wanamaker, 1890-1942 (Wagner)
sister Gertrude S. Wanamaker, 1893-1907
brother Earl C. Wanamaker, 1898-1968
sister Bessie C. Wanamaker, 1900-1957 (Weaver)