Victor Weiss (1896-1918)

Grave of Victor Weiss

Victor Weiss grave, Union Cemetery, Slatington, Pennsylvania; image credit

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Victor Weiss (3 October 1896 - 16 October 1918) died of pneumonia (Spanish flu) while in training at Camp Greenleaf, Georgia. He was twenty-two years old.

We have very few details of his military service.
July 1918, drafted
5 September 1918, departed Allentown for Camp Greenleaf, Georgia

Private Weiss was buried in the Union Cemetery, Slatington, Pennsylvania.

draft registration listed occupation: laborer at the Bethlehem Steel Company

Draft registration listed home address: 527 Second St., Slatington, Pennsylvania

father John Weiss, 1853-1915
mother Martha J. Greensweig, 1855-1918
brother Harvey E. Weiss, 1876-1936
sister Dora R .Weiss, 1881-1959 (Gross)
brother Charles J. Weiss, 1882-1954
brother Stanley Weiss, 1894-1929
brother William H. Weiss, 1885-1918