Owen John Williams (1890-1918)

Grave of Owen John Williams

Owen John Williams grave, Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, France; image credit

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Owen John Williams (31 December 1890 - 10 November 1918) was killed in action while serving with Company K, 114th infantry regiment, 5th infantry division, near Liny-devant-Dun, France (a few kilometers east of Montfaucon). He was twenty-seven years old.

His military service included participation in the St. Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne offensives.
Williams was born in Williamstown, a small settlement between Emerald and Slatington, Pennsylvania.
19 September 1917, inducted at Allentown, Pennsylvania
left for Camp Meade, Maryland
24 April 1918, the 114th infantry regiment sailed for France.
May 1918, the regiment joined the 5th infantry division, which had been organized in December 1917
13 September 1918, wounded
On 11 October, the division entered the battle a little north of Montfaucon in extremely heavy fighting. "In eleven days of the fiercest fighting the men of the Red Diamond had ever known, eight square kilometers of French soil had been wrested from the enemy. The resistance by the Germans had probably been as determined as any ever encountered by American troops in any war. The 5th Division had sustained 4,449 casualties of whom 779 were killed in action." (www.societyofthefifthdivision.com/WWI/WW-I.htm)"

Private first class Williams was originally buried in the American Cemetery near Liny-devant-Dun, France, before being moved to the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, France.

Prewar listed occupation: slater at the Carbon State Company

Draft registration listed home address: 3776 Walnut Street, Slatington, Pennsylvania

father father John O Williams, 1857-1917
Mother Emma S. Spoonheimer, 1869-1897
brother John J. Williams, 1888-1953
brother William J. Williams, 1892-1942
brother Roy J. Williams, 1895-1951
Step-mother Mary A. “Mamie” Kuehner, 1880-?
step-brother Arthur J. Williams, 1899-1972
step-brother Thomas J. Williams, 1901 -1994
step-brother Robert J. Williams, 1902-1950