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Perspective Panorama2.jpg
We took these photos that were then merged together into this panorama of Slatington in late spring 2011. We were standing high atop some slate quarry trailings and looking south toward the town.

Emerald Slate Workers.jpg
Postcard showing two works in process of splitting and trimming roofing slates in Emerald, PA (near Slatington)


Although school buildings existed in the borough before construction of this large high school in 1897, the size and scale of this building clearly shows the wealth of the town in the 1890s. When a new high school building was erected just down the…


This is looking north, towards Blue Mountain, on First Street. The streets went from first to seventh (east to west) in the upper part of the town.

Looking east across the old, steel bridge, opened 1933, across the Lehigh River at Lehigh Gap. Now highway Route 873.

The Lehigh Gap dam, a wooden crib dam, on the Lehigh River south of the Blue Mountain also served at the entry point for the Walnutport stretch of the Lehigh Canal. The dam allowed for slack water navigation of canal boats from the Palmerton side of…

Smith Hall was the basketball arena and gymnasium connected with the Slatington high school. It was dedicated in 1937 in honor of Norman Smith (1896-1926). It was a great place for a basketball game and stood behind the Lincoln elementary school. It…

Looking north from the intersection of Main and Church streets into the central business district of Upper Main Street.

View looking east toward Slatington. These are the houses that lined the west side of Willow Ave. (rear view)

This is a view of the houses that lined the west side of Willow Avenue in 2011. Compare to the earlier postcard image of the same scene from 1910.
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