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1874 Lehigh Slate Company Charter Renewal

1874 Lehigh Slate Company Charter.pdf

1874 Lehigh Slate Company Charter.pdf

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Articles of Association of the Lehigh Slate Co. of Slatington PA

To His excellency Hon. John F. Hartranft

Governor of Penna.


In compliance with the requirements of an act of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania entitled "An Act to provide for the incorporation and regulation of certain companies," approved the 29 day of April A.D. 1874, the undersigned, all of whom are citizens, having associated themselves to gather for the purpose of purchasing, taking and holding slate lands, leases on Slate lands, etc, and the mining, Manufacturing and vending of all kinds of slate and slate material in Lehigh County Pennsylvania and elsewhere, and desiring that they may be incorporated, and that letters patent may issue to them and their successors according to law, do hereby certify:

1st The name of the proposed Corporation is "The Lehigh Slate Company."

2nd Said corporation is formed for the purpose of mining, manufacturing and vending all kinds of Slate and Slate materials.

3rd The business of said corporation is to be transacted in Slatington, Lehigh County Penna as the principal office of the Said company and elsewhere as found necessary.

4th Said company is to exist perpetually except rended by law, or dissolved by the vote of the majority of its stockholders and entered at a meeting called for that purpose.

5th The names and residences of the subscribers and the number of shares subscribed by each are as follows

Names Residences No of shares

Jos. Kennedy Bath, PA 125

Jos. Brown Weaversville 45

Leslie Irvin 60

Carolina Hemphite Weaversville, PA 60

Tho. Glendennam "" 75

Levi Warman Bath, Pa 45

Margt. McLean Freehold, NJ 55

W. H. Lowell Easton, PA 15

B. D. & E. Randolph Elizabeth, NJ 5

Trexler Bush, Phila 15

James Kent S & Co Phila 205

Hugh McDowell Scotland, Great Britain 700

J. H. & G. Addingly 50

John Rubledge 25

J. Craig Lehigh Gap 720

W. H. Hausmann Easton, Pa 15

D. B. Burney 25

Chas. Stewart Easton, PA 50

John Stewart "" 100

Robt Hoernel 75

J. H. Knox Germantown, Pa 5

Adam Laubach Laubach's, Pa 5

Chas. Sitgreaves Easton, Pa 7

J. F. Siegert " 5

Matilda Brown Weaversville 27

John Bick Easton, Pa 10

A. S Kennedy Stewardsville, NJ, 70

Jane C. Clark Belveder, NJ 50

Andrew Tully 5

Wm Carr 75

Jos Hess Easton 200

G. W. Stout Easton, Pa 10

M. A. Lesher "" 8

Alex Wilson "" 963

JM Holt "" 200

Eliz Hoffman Allentown, Pa 30

Geo Lamb England, G.B. 100

Mary Laury Laury's 5

David Moffatt England, G.B. 250

Jas Williamson "" 125

M. D. Watt "" 60

H. Arrandele "" 25

G. C. Pine "" 50

Thos Coulson "" 335

Wm Shutchoff "" 62

R. T. Rolinson "" 30

Jas Slate "" 175

Wm Armstrong "" 25

N. Hellman Easton 12

J. Pollack " 303

Eliz. Gross "" 3

Trustee Luffeth Coc "" 43

D.D. Jones Slatington, Pa 2

Jas.L. Ulather Scotland G.B. 255

In Ball New York 10

C. H. Mitchell "" 50

H. Heller Easton Pa 2

J. T. Detwiler "" 2

H. D. Detwiler "" 10

G. Detwiler "" 2

J. Detwiler "" 106

L. Lillieudahl "" 2

M. Martin "" 2

J. Craig Lehigh Gap, Pa 10

Jinale Stearns Newburgh Ny 190

J. J. Detweiler Easton Pa 50

S. Farquahan "" 5

D. McKenna Slatington " 166

W. H. Roepper Bethlehem " 10

S. E. McDowell Slatington " 25

R. McDowell "" 2693

Jas. McDowell England 163

Nancy J. Dawes Easton Pa 15

J. E Rolinson 63

Total number of shares 10358

6th The number of directors of said corporation is fixed at five (subject to being increased according to law) and the names and residences of the directors who are chosen directors for the first year are as follows

Names Reidences

John Steward Easton Pa

Robt McDowell Slatington Pa

John Hall Easton Pa

David McKenna Slatington Pa

John Craig Lehigh Gap Pa

7th The amount of the capital stock of said corporation is divided into 12500 shares of the par value of ten dollars each and full worth of the sad capital stock has been taken by the stockholders where names, residences with amount of stock held by each appear above in this paper and said stock is issued as paid up stock. The name of the Treasurer of This Corporation is Robt McDowell whose residence is Slatington Pa. - and further they the said corporation and association have, own and now possess, Slate land and property at and near Slatington Lehigh Co Pa of the value of one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars: for which aforesaid stock is issued.

1. John Steward

2. John Holt

3. R. McDowell

4. D. McKenna

5. J. Craig

State of Pennsylvania

County of Lehigh

Before me, the recorder of deeds, in and for the county aforesaid, personally came the above named Robt McDowell, David McKenna, and John Craig, who in due form of law acknowledged the foregoing instrument to be their seal and deed for the purposes thereon specified.

Witness my hand and seal of office, the ninth day of July A.D. 1874.

Silas Cassup recorder

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