The borough of Slatington was incorporated in 1864, but settlement on the site dates back to the middle of the eighteenth century. The navigation options on this page are pretty straight-forward.  The "map" option will allow you to see the items in the archive geo-located on a map.  Currently, very few items have geolocation information.  The "scripto" option will allow you to assist in transcribing certain, selected historical documents.  Please contact me for login information.

Recently Added Items

Former Welsh Baptist Church

Fomer Welsh Baptist Church 2017 web.jpg

The Welsh Baptist Church was formerly located on West Church Street near Hose Company No. 1. The congregation, originally organized in 1859 as the…

Former Methodist Episcopal Church

Former Methodist Episcopal Church 2017 web.jpg

The Methodist Episcopal Church, organized and built 1869, dedicated 10 December 1869, was located on the southwest corner of Center Street and Slate…