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Splitting and Trimming Slate, Emerald, PA.
Postcard showing two works in process of splitting and trimming roofing slates in Emerald, PA (near Slatington)

Carbon Slate Quarry, Slatington, PA.
This is a rather typical slate quarry scene. This postcard was part of a small booklet of photos, Souvenir of Slatington, Penna. and Vicinity, sold by Jones Bros & Miller. These photos also appeared as regular, individual postcards.

Pittston Slate Company's Factory, Slatington, PA.
Interior view of the building in which slabs of slate were cut and polished to the desired dimensions.

Slate Quarry, Slatington, PA.
This could be the Penn Lynn quarry operaation, but I am not sure and will have to do some more study of the image.

Slate Quarry Blacksmith Shop Workers
Unidentified workers, photo postcard by Stauffer, Slatington, Pa.

Slate Quarry, Slatington, Pa.
Typical scene around a quarry with the cables used to hoist slate out of the quarry.

Carbon Slate Quarry,<br /><br />
Slatington, PA
This was a pretty complex operation as evidenced by all the supporting buildings.

Slate Quarries, Slatington, Pa.
There are a couple of railroad boxcars in the photo, placed there for loading of roofing slates (most likely).

Slate Quarry and Factory, Slatington, PA.
The town is to the left of this quarry scene.
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