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Jersey Central tracks through the snow on the right side of the photo (east bank of the river)

Dismantling of the old Lehigh and New England Railroad bridge has not yet begun in the background. You can also see that the Lehigh Valley Railroad has been reduced to a single track at this point in time. Great shot of the Gap.

Snowbirds in Lehigh Gap th.jpg
Snow birds lead a consist south through Lehigh Gap on the former rails of the Central of New Jersey.

Lehigh Gap Winter 1967 th.jpg
CNJ on the right and LV on the left in a snowy scene from February 1967.

Lehigh Gap LNE Track th.jpg
The road realignment in Lehgih Gap cut off the former CNJ branch line. Access to East Palmerton was then provided by a branch of the LNE, higher up on the mountain.

Houser Slide Gap 1966 web.jpg
Looking north along the Lehigh Valley railroad mainline

LNE Bridge April 1967 web.jpg
Photo taken just before demolition of the bridge began, viewing north.

3 web.jpg
NKP 759 on an excursion through Lehigh Gap
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