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Note the width of the canal at this point.

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A small photo of the chain bridge on an overcast day with the Lehigh River running high.

738 Chain Bridge 1932 Hagley Museum web.jpg
Hagley Museum

Back of photo reads, "burned Monday night May 24, 1926"

This is an image of the Chain Bridge after the 1926 fire. Original postcard, unknown URL.


CNJ Lehigh Gap Station web.jpg
MP 107.60 By 1958 the CNJ passenger depot at Lehigh Gap had become a road stand: Lou's Market - specializing in fresh produce groceries, frozen foods, cold meats, A-TREAT Premium Beverages, and 25¢ hot dogs with French fries. Even Lou would be…

CNJ Lehigh Gap West web.jpg
MP 106.82 This odd assortment of motive power on this westbound CNJ freight has passed under the Pennsylvania Route No. 813 river bridge (CNJ physical characteristics literature of the 1930s calls this area of right-of-way Toll Bridge) and is…

Conrail in Gap.jpg
A Conrail train heads south through the gap in winter on the former Central of New Jersey tracks.
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