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There are some names on the back, but they are hard to make out:
Steckel John M., Wm. Marshall, Miller, Hughes, Wm., Dor. Kern, Lewis Paul, Mertz?

There are six names listed on the back:
Pat Berlin, Allen Kester and Russell R. Evans in one row; David Roderick, Russell Tabor and Norm Roderick in the other row.

Front, left to right: Webster Mann, George Rauch, Daniel Rauch;
Middle, left to right: Willis RInger, Paul Craig, Ernest Steckel, Wallace Kern;
Back, right to left: Malcolm Meagher, Norman Smith, Elmer Krause, Charles Schoerstal, Prof J. W.…

My guess is that this is a Slatington team because it looks like the site of the old baseball field, the "S" on the uniforms, and the other photos in the group were all from Slatington.

Lehigh Valley Champions. There are names written on the back of the postcard.
Top row, left to right: John Roberts, C. F Schoffstall, Robert Prestwood, Chickie Fritzinger, Carl Fritzinger, N. E. Smith, Prof. J. W. Snyder;
Middle Row, left to…

This could be the American Legion Post 16 in Slatington basketball team. That is my guess since this postcard was in a lot with other Slatington photos. The American Legion was organized in Slatington in 1919.
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