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  • Collection: The Faces of Slatington

Lehigh Valley Champions. There are names written on the back of the postcard.
Top row, left to right: John Roberts, C. F Schoffstall, Robert Prestwood, Chickie Fritzinger, Carl Fritzinger, N. E. Smith, Prof. J. W. Snyder;
Middle Row, left to…

Names written on the back:
Bottom, left to right, managers: Schoffstahl, Izzy Schwartz
Middle, left to right: Forward S. Newcomer, Center R. Newcomer, Captian and forward L. Williams, Guard H. Dilliard, Guard C. Fritzinger
Back, left to right,…

Names written on back of photo:
Bachman, D. Jones, E. Steckel, W. Neff, Schertzinger, R. Roberts, C. Davis

Slatington Legion web.jpg
Group photo of the members of the Slatington Legion on an outing in the 1920s to the Indian Head hotel. Photo is not in great condition, which makes it difficult to make out the people in the photo.

Slatington Drum Corps web.jpg
Undated photo of the Slatington drum corps, guessing the 1920s

This could be the American Legion Post 16 in Slatington basketball team. That is my guess since this postcard was in a lot with other Slatington photos. The American Legion was organized in Slatington in 1919.
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