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832 LV 497 1932 web.jpg
Class N-5 engine leading a westbound freight through Slatington

The newspaper building is on the left; visible is the small miniature house and pond/garden that used to be there; most likely washed away in 1972.

Aerial view of upper Main Street at the time of the crane accident in July 1986. Main Street makes the sharp bend where the crane proceeded to go straight into Trout Creek manor (site of where the Presbyterian Church used to stand). 2nd street is…

On the mainline, heading north (west) to Mauch Chunk.

Pictured here with the time and temperature sign on the corner of Second and Main Streets (the lower bank).

This was a Reading gas electric car (#4067) that ran from the Slatington depot on the Lehgh Valley's branch line out to Emerald, and then continued on the Reading Line out past Best station. The train at one time brought students in to school in the…

I don't think that this is Kern's Dam on Trout Creek, but that's a good enough guess for now until I figure it out.
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